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Where can Aquagraphics water walls be used?

Aquagraphics water curtains are extremely flexible. Aquagraphics bitfall water projection screens can be standalone or built into an installation. Aquagraphics water curtains are easily relocated so they can always go where their impact is needed most. And because Aquagraphics water display boards are available with or without panelled exteriors you can have double the impact in the centre of a room too.

How big are Aquagraphics Unlimited water projection screens?

Aquagraphics Unlimited water display screens are extremely versatile because they are available in a wide variety of sizes.

Each Aquagraphics module is 76cm wide. Modules can be linked together to produce a maximum image 40 modules wide. Larger Aquagraphics systems are unframed and truss mounted.

What do I need?

For a working Aquagraphics system you will need one end kit, clamps, communications kit and one power module per three 76cm modules.

What support is on offer?

When you hire Aquagraphics Unlimited for an event, we’ll give you the level of support you want. If you need a member of our team to set it up and be on site from start to finish, we can do that. If you simply need instructions and a phone number for a member of the team in case you get stuck, we can do that too.

When you buy an Aquagraphics Unlimited water curtain we provide full training on how to use it. And we're only at the end of a phone if you ever have any queries!

Contact the MTFX team to discuss which Aquagraphics system suits your event.

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