Aquagraphics water display screens

Quick installation standalone Aquagraphics screens

Aquagraphics Unlimited custom designed screens

If you’re intrigued by the name, you’ll be delighted by what you will see.

Aquagraphics is an image, word or logo made out of falling water. It’s a water curtain or water wall, if you like, a bitfall or graphical water screen. It is a captivating alternative to old-fashioned LED or lighting wall displays. If you need a talking point, Aquagraphics is your answer.

For this reason the water projection screens are perfect for adding the ‘wow factor’. We’ve created Aquagraphics installations in nearly every place you can imagine, including:

  • Events and exhibitions
  • Product launches
  • Party venues
  • Film premiers
  • Shopping malls
  • Garden centres
  • Motor vehicle showrooms
  • Information points
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Airports
  • Wedding receptions

Aquagraphics water display systems come in two formats; all you need to decide is which is best for your event. We can use our ingenious experience to create a stunning visual effect that gets your message across in style.

Quick installation screens are a standalone installation system, self-contained and can be installed in a few hours with just a space, power supply and water supply. They are available in one module (76cm) and three module (240cm) sizes.

Aquagraphics Unlimited custom designed water screens work within your project; our technicians will consult with you and your installation team to build Aquagraphics into the heart of your display. They can be installed up to 40 modules wide (30m) and are limited only by your imagination.

Contact the MTFX team to discuss which Aquagraphics system suits your event.

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Aquagraphics – Hire
& Sales Information
Aquagraphics - Hire Information
Download Aquagraphics - Hire Information
Aquagraphics Filtration System
Aquagraphics Filtration System
Aquagraphics Filtration System datasheet
Modular Wet Area Walkway Units
Modular Wet Area Walkway Units
Modular Wet Area Walkway Units datasheet
Water Projection Screen
Modular Wet Area Walkway Units
Water Projection Screen

{ Spec sheets }

AG Comms Kit
Aquagraphics - AG Comms Kit
Download Aquagraphics - AG Comms Kit spec sheet
AG End Kit
Aquagraphics - AG End Kit
Download Aquagraphics - AG End Kit spec sheet
AG Filtration System
Aquagraphics - Filtration System
Aquagraphics Filtration System spec sheet
AG Module
Aquagraphics - AG Module
Download Aquagraphics - AG Module spec sheet
AG Mounting Kit
Aquagraphics - AG Mounting Kit
Download Aquagraphics - AG Mounting Kit spec sheet
Aquagraphics - AG PCB
Downlaod Aquagraphics AG PCB spec sheet
AG Power Supply
Aquagraphics - AG Power Supply
Download Aquagraphics - AG Power Supply spec sheet
AG Small Spares Kit
Aquagraphics - AG Small Spares Kit
Download Aquagraphics AG Small Spares Kit spec sheet
AG Spare Valves
Aquagraphics - AG Spare Valves
Download Aquagraphics AG Spare Valves spec sheet