Mechanical Special Effects

Need something special for a shoot, a show or perhaps an installation at your theme park or venue? Mechanisms and Hydraulics may not be the first thing you think of when you think of Special Effects.

However, they allow us to create a wealth of different scenes and spectacles. We can use hydraulic rams to move, rotate and push things over. Our specialised Bomb Release Mechanisms allow us to drop things from a height. We also have close relationships with many major crane companies so have the ability to shift huge objects from A to B.

Whether you need a ceiling to collapse, shelves to fall or topple over and everything in between, the chances are, we can make it happen. We hide the devices, mechanisms and hydraulic rams, creating a “can’t believe your eyes” effect.

From huge falling objects down to the tiny particles of dust that erupt from the impact, we provide all the effects no matter how big or small.

The ingenious MTFX team can create and provide Bomb Releases, Flying Rigs, Drop Tanks, Water Tanks and Slides, Wave Machines, Tip Tanks, Gunge and Slime Tanks - not to mention that we love unique and bespoke builds!

MTFX: the Ingenious Special Effects people

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