The Test Field

One of the best things about being special effects people is that coming up with new ideas and solutions is very good fun!

MTFX HQ has an area that’s perfect for seeing how our ingenious special effects ideas work. We call it our Test Field.

Splurge Gun
Ball bearing hit on tempered glass
Exploding monkey
5 way indoor (arena) flames
2 bar lpg mortar (large flame)
Real snow (snowball fight!)
Smirnoff - paint test
Bullet hit on straw
Water soluable confetti
Red waterfall
Fire extinguisher
Dry Ice curtain
Diesel black smoke
Air Explosion With Straw 100psi
Balloon propane Oxy explosion
Fire Tornado
Fire Tornado
Fire Tornado
ED25 Electrical Discharge Unit
Fire Box
Water Mist Tornado
Dust cannon
smokeless flame test
large paint cannon