The Test Field

One of the best things about being special effects people is that coming up with new ideas and solutions is very good fun!

MTFX HQ has an area that’s perfect for seeing how our ingenious special effects ideas work. We call it our Test Field.

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Splurge Gun

Ball bearing hit on tempered glass

Exploding monkey

5 way indoor (arena) flames

2 bar lpg mortar (large flame)

Real Snow - Snowball Fight at MTFX

Smirnoff - paint test v1

Bullet hit on straw - large

Water soluble confetti test - 30 secs

Red waterfall

Fire extinguisher v2

Dry ice curtain - test

Diesel black smoke

Air explosion with straw 100psi

Balloon Propane Oxy explosion

Fire Tornado

2 Metre Flame Bar

Liquid Flame System

ED25 Electrical Discharge Unit

Fire Box Test

Water Mist Tornado

Dust Cannons

MTFX Fun, Games & Out-Takes 2016

Smokeless Flame Test

Large Paint Cannon Test

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Read All About It – Ingenious Confetti Effects for 2018 Events!

We can’t quite believe that it’s 2018, a whole year of amazing events approaches; festivals, tours, concerts, weddings, corporate events, parties and more. With a huge range of Confetti Blowers, Spinners and Cannons; MTFX can provide a very high standard of confetti equipment for dry hire, or with our highly skilled technicians to operate the equipment to create the optimum effect.

Our CO2 Confetti Blower, The Master Blaster comes in a range of sizes and throwing lengths.

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