Visual Merchandising Fake Snow Effects

Fantasy Ice Flakes
Snowsoft Sparkle
Ice Cubes
Fantasy Ice Sparkle
Ice Sparkle
Ice Crystal Spray
Snow Blanket
XL Ice Rocks

MTFX's snow special effects range has everything you need to give your Christmas shop displays the crispness of a winter setting or the sparkle of a frosty winter's morning. Perfect for your Christmas grotto, snow shop and more.

You can buy our artificial snow special effects online. Plus contact us to discuss bulk pricing options and get friendly advice on the best way to make your winter displays sparkle.

Contact the MTFX team to discuss your visual merchandising fake snow effects needs.

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We have some very exciting news to break in the New Year!

Following our expansion into Wales in 2017, MTFX have acquired new premises at the Bottle Yard studios in Bristol.

A comfortable meeting space, offices and storage mean we can provide even more ingenious Special Effects in Bristol and The Southwest and get closer to our valued customers.

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