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Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons – Read all about it!

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons – Read all about it!

Having a Gender Reveal Party?

The latest trend to take the web by storm is Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons. Creating a spectacular moment, our cost effective and ingenious confetti cannons are the perfect handheld disposable solution for easy confetti

gender reveal confetti

Twist and go to reveal your baby’s gender with a burst of pink or blue confetti in metallic and/or tissue.

We’ve heard a few horror stories from customers when other companies have sent out the wrong colour and even multi coloured cannons. We can assure our customers that this will not happen as all of our cannons are carefully custom filled and hand packed by our ingenious team!

A top tip is to ask your midwife or a friend to place the order if you wish the surprise to remain a secret for yourself. We can leave the cannons blank or labelled by request.

For more information on our Handheld confetti cannons and our special Gender Reveal cannons, Click Here

Check out our 80cm cannons in action – so easy and effective!

Our cannons are the highest of quality and are a popular choice from domestic right through to TV professionals:

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