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Health & Safety

Health and safety


All products sold on this website are for use by the purchaser and as such MTFX will not be responsible for the use or misuse of any items purchased.

The following guidelines are offered as health and safety advice for the purchaser.

a) Confetti and streamer cannons:

These items include a small compressed gas cylinder and should not be pointed directly at people, animals, fragile items or items that may become damaged through the use or misuse of this item. If they are to be used by children or young adults, they should be supervised at all times. Hold the cannons at arms length, or to the side of the body when firing. The cannons will go off with a loud bang and as such children, animals or the elderly should be taken into consideration when cannons are used. Dispose of cannons and their contents safely and responsibly.


b) Electrical goods:

The electrical goods sold will be to CE standard and any electrical power units or power supplies will be new and unused. Care should be taken in the placing of electrical goods, especially in areas of high temperature, humidity, or areas where children or animals are present.


Any certification applicable to items on this website will be clearly displayed.