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Large Plasma Ball, 15″ limited edition ‘Phoenix Rising’


Large Plasma Ball, 15″ limited edition ‘Phoenix Rising’


Large Plasma Ball 15″ – ‘Phoenix Rising’

The ‘Phoenix Rising’ plasma balls feature white plasma tendrils with orange-red tips, emanating from an orange-red electrode. On a low-power setting, small plasma tendrils swirl around the centre of the globe with a gentle flickering motion, but once turned up the plasma streams become very active, with each tendril splitting into several energised fingers towards the tips.

The orange and white colour of the ‘Phoenix Rising’ plasma balls are a result of a unique blend of gasses. These plasma balls are numbers 49 and 51 from a series of 75. Each ball will be outfitted with a brass plaque that identifies its place in the series of 75.

Important Note: Our plasma ball effects are best viewed in a darkened environment. Increasing levels of ambient light will wash out the effect colours until they almost disappear under full sunlight.

Also, please be aware that no two plasma balls are exactly alike, and there may be slight variations in colour and effect from ball to ball. 

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  • White Plasma with Orange-Red Accents
  • Highly Active Plasma Effect
  • Concentrated Lightning Effect when touched
  • Unique hand interaction with fingers of plasma spreading from your hand
  • Solid Hardwood Base
Weight 15 kg


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