Handheld Confetti Launchers, Water Dissolvable


Handheld Confetti Launchers, Water Dissolvable


Confetti launchers are an effective way to achieve eye-catching effects. We understand some venues do not allow biodegradable confetti, so have introduced a water dissolvable confetti option.

Made of plant starch, the confetti will dissolve in around 30 seconds after coming in to contact with water.

To use, twist the base of the launcher whilst holding the top to fire the special effect. Confetti will fall for approx. 15 seconds depending on the size of the confetti launcher.

At present, dissolvable confetti is only available in white.

80cm cannons will fire up to 12 metres.

50cm cannons will fire up to 8 metres.

30cm cannons will fire up to 4 metres.

Shipping Information

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the gas cylinder in the base of the cannon, these are not suitable to be taken on a plane.

DPD Local ship all of our products.

Prices include VAT at the standard UK rate of 20% for all UK sales.

Disposable hand held water soluble confetti cannons

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Handheld cannons

30cm Silver & white, 30cm Multicolour, 30cm Custom filled, 50cm Silver & white, 50cm Multicolour, 50cm Custom filled, 80cm Silver & white, 80cm Multicolour, 80cm Custom filled


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