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Read All About It – Ingenious Confetti Effects for 2018 Events!

We can’t quite believe that it’s 2018, a whole year of amazing events approaches; festivals, tours, concerts, weddings, corporate events, parties and more.

With a huge range of Confetti Blowers, Spinners and Cannons; MTFX can provide a very high standard of confetti equipment for dry hire, or with our highly skilled technicians to operate the equipment to create the optimum effect.

Our CO2 Confetti Blower, The Master Blaster comes in a range of sizes and throwing lengths. Simply hook up the CO2, pull the lever, sprinkle in the confetti and watch as it creates a huge shower of confetti over your crowd.

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Make confetti fall from the sky with our Spinner units. Hung from a truss, the spinners work to create a shower of confetti on cue. Check out this ingenious job we did for Ford in Cologne…


Perfect for a range of confetti shapes and streamers, our Confetti Cannons come in a range of shapes and sizes to cater for all levels of experience and events.

From our Powershot Kit and Single Shots, to our Stadium Shot Confetti Cannons which’ll fire up to 30mtrs we have something for everyone.

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