The Ingenious Team

If you combine years of know-how with a spirit of creativity you get ingenious thinking that can solve almost any special effects problem.

At MTFX we have massive experience and a passion for innovation that help us find ingenious special effects solutions whatever you throw at us.

We solve problems for all sorts of people, from film and production companies to event managers and tour promoters. We listen to what they want to achieve and we use our technical expertise to come up with the solution.

And aside from our technical expertise, we pride ourselves on being rock solid reliable and jolly nice people to have around.

Meet the ingenious effects people

Caricature of Mark Turner
Mark Turner

The one in charge – He set up MTFX 20 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. With his collection of slightly unusual staff he makes the ingenious world of MTFX go round.

Caricature of Paula Turner
Paula Turner

The one with the purse strings – married to Mark, Paula controls the accounts and wages and keeps us all in control.

Caricature of Andrew Netter
Andrew Netter

The arty one – tall enough to reach the shelves others can’t reach Andrew does the marketing and videography, with a load of office stuff thrown in.

Caricature of Tom Locke
Tom Locke

The original one – with a long service medal,  Tom has tonnes of background knowledge to fit into any effect idea. Ask him about the goose…

Caricature of Tom Freeman
Tom Freeman

The funny one – always there with a ready quip, Tom keeps us smiling when the yard gets super busy.

Caricature of Jake Martin
Jake Martin

The hairy one – heavily inked and even more heavily bearded, laid back Jake helps everyone out with a cheeky grin.

The Paperwork

Our aim is to apply industry best practices, act responsibly and promote sustainable growth.