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Read All About It – Flogos by MTFX

Flogos by MTFX are an INGENIOUS way to get your brand into the sky.

Flogos are an eco-friendly bubble cloud that can be formed into many shapes with few limitations. (Think of the limitations of a cookie cutter!)

Eye-catchingly brilliant, we use our 25+ Years of Special Effects experience so that our technicians provide the best quality and shape and design to your event whether your are based in the UK or worldwide. We also use a genuine Flogos Lite machine. Accept no knock offs or imitations!

Wow the crowd or why not draw people to your stand at a busy tradeshow!

Photo of confetti at Pride event

More information on our Flogos can be found here.

Read All About It – Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons

Having a Gender Reveal Party?

The latest trend to take the web by storm is Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons. Creating a spectacular moment, our cost effective and ingenious confetti cannons are the perfect handheld disposable solution for easy confetti

Twist and go to reveal your baby’s gender with a burst of pink or blue confetti in metallic and/or tissue.

We’ve heard a few horror stories from customers when other companies have sent out the wrong colour and even multi coloured cannons. We can assure our customers that this will not happen as all of our cannons are carefully custom filled and hand packed by our ingenious team!

A top tip is to ask your midwife or a friend to place the order if you wish the surprise to remain a secret for yourself. We can leave the cannons blank or labelled by request.

For more information on our Handheld confetti cannons and our special Gender Reveal cannons, Click Here.

Photo of confetti at Pride event

Check out our 80cm cannons in action – so easy and effective!

Our cannons are the highest of quality and are a popular choice from domestic right through to TV professionals.

Read All About It – Taking 2017 Snow Orders!

It’s never too early to start planning your 2017 winter events, visual merchandising and more!

With a huge range of Winter Effects from Artificial Snow to Snow Machines, Ice Sparkles and Top Dressings; we’ve already received tons of enquiries for next winters events and displays already!

Visit our shop to find out more about our effects to buy.

Our INGENIOUS snow machines were almost fully booked from the end of summer 2016 right through to spring. Get in there fast! From Packmans, to Foam Snow Machines we can cater for nearly every event. Check out our main site for Snow Machines.

Photo of confetti at Pride event

Read All About It – Tesla training - sharing our ingenious expertise

When operating Tesla Coils and other special effects in the UK and around the world, training is such an important part of what we do here at MTFX.

Not only does it keep our technicians, our clients and the public safe, it also means that we have the best expert knowledge to produce the INGENIOUS effects we do.

We spent some time "Tesla Training" our newer colleagues as well as a recap for those more experienced. Tom Lock & Jake White were brave enough to try the Faraday Cage!

To find out more about our Tesla Coils and all of our other ingenious High Voltage effects, click here.

Photo of confetti at Pride event
Photo of confetti at Pride eventPhoto of confetti at Pride event

Read All About It – MTFX Snow Machines

When you need a solution for your winter event, MTFX have the right solution for you.

With a wide range of winter effects from fake snowballs up to a range of snow machines and bespoke services, we’re always ready to help!

Our snow machine range comes in a range of styles and sizes. From Snowboy Machines to Packman Snow Machines we can meet your needs and produce all types of falling snow effects.

Snow Mini

One of our most popular Snow Machine Hires is the Snow Mini.

An evaporative snow machine, the Snow Mini creates a realistic falling snow effect for indoor and outdoor use. The machine is very cost effective and just 5L of our fluid can last up to an hour (depending on settings). Please contact us for specific pricing.

A full datasheet on the Snow Mini can be found here

Packman Snow Machine

Creating a falling effect, the Packman Snow Machine is perfect for indoor use. It uses our MTFX Show Snow.

The machine will run between 15 and 45 minutes allowing you to get a range of intensities and durations so you can tailor it to your needs. The Packman Snow Machine is truss mounted allowing the snow to fall from a good height.

A full datasheet on the Packman Snow Machine can be found here.

Contact the MTFX team today to discuss your snow machine needs.

All of our fantastic winter effects can be found here!

Read All About It – Winter Weddings with MTFX

Are you holding a winter wedding?

Would you love to have snow on your big day?

Just give the MTFX team a call! We’ve got all sorts of tricks up our sleeve that will make your celebration spectacular.


You’ll be guaranteed to have a white wedding with our snow machines.

We can provide beautiful falling snow that will transform the exterior of your wedding venue into a winter wonderland. We also have machines that are suitable for indoor use, allowing you to enjoy the snow while staying warm!

You can also decorate your wedding venue with artificial snow balls and an ice crystal spray that creates a brilliant frost effect on windows.

To find out more about out snow special effects, click here!


Every wedding features that classic confetti moment however, with our technology you can experience a confetti explosion!

Our confetti cannons, blowers and other machines produce a professional shower of confetti that will really impress your guests and look amazing in your wedding photographs.

We can even create bespoke confetti in a shape of your choice.


If you want to add a bit of drama and atmosphere to your wedding, then try our smoke effects.

For atmospheric wedding photographs, we have the technology to create a misty, smoky look for you to capture some beautiful images. Alternatively, a bit of smoke on the dance floor of your reception will make any disco lighting look amazing.

Want to know more about our smoke special effects? Click here.

How to book snow or confetti for your wedding

Find out how to book our services for your wedding here.

Read All About It – Showman’s Show 2016

We recently attended The Showman’s Show 2016! Showcasing our Snow Effects and Flogos on our Ingenious Trade Stand.

Stacy and Tom met a lot of great people and had a fantastic reception.

Hundreds gazed at our Flogos and marvelled at our ingenious winter effects.

We also made a lot of sales promoting our fantastic fake snows including our Paper Snow Standard.

Read All About It – Even More Ingenious Effects from MTFX

The MTFX team are getting busy making preparations for winter. We have a wide range of Fake Snow and further effects ready to be shipped to the UK and around the world.

Ice Crystal Spray

This easy to use product allows you to create fascinating, decorative Frost effects simply by spraying on to windows, mirrors or any glass surface.


Artificial Snowballs are ideal for throwing and are safe for use indoors. They are the perfect artificial snow ball.

Great for kids and adults alike to have a snowball fight at any time, regardless of the weather! They can also be used for visual merchandising, window displays and table displays.

Made of polyester fibre, they ‘crunch’ like real snow and are washable.

Read All About It – Winter Effects from MTFX

With Christmas drawing in, the MTFX team have been getting ready for the winter period.

Many of our customers contact us for our range of Snow Effects.

We cater for all. With services such as Snow Effects for Visual Merchandising, right through to providing TV and Film Fake Snow and Special Effects.

In the coming releases of “Read All About It” we’ll be visiting some of our best Winter Snow Effects.

Snow Blanket

Buy it here

An extremely popular product for this time of year is the MTFX Snow Blanket.

Our Snow Blanket is one of the favourite Snow Effects we provide. It comes in a range of sizes:

  • 1.4 x 1m
  • 1.4 x 5m
  • 1.4x10m
  • 1.4x20m
  • 1.4x40m

Our Snow Blanket is one of the favourite Snow Effects we provide. It comes in a range of sizes:

The Snow Blanket provides a soft, fleecy layer and is a perfect snow effect for visual merchandising.

It is also great for Snow Set Dressing, Window Decoration or as a Base for Christmas Tree Decoration.

Fantasy Ice Flakes

Buy it here

Fantasy Ice Flakes are a fantastic Snow Effect. An ideal Top Dressing, they can be mixed in with our Artificial Snow range to give a fantastic shimmer.

Check out all of our ingenious Snow Effects here.

Read All About It – Mother of the Nation

March 2016 took MTFX to the United Arab Emirates where we were asked to help with some ingenious special effects for the opening ceremony of the Mother of the Nation Festival (MOTN); a festival which celebrates womens empowerment and rights in the UAE. We were asked to create a range of special effects to include a dry waterfall, a rippling cloth and a confetti rainfall.

Dry Waterfall

For the dry waterfall we were initially sent a video link of a small dry waterfall. We were asked if it were possible to create a similar effect, on a larger scale, with a controllable 10m wide waterfall and the product falling in straight and determinable lines.

We put our thinking caps on and brain stormed some ideas. We spent a few weeks in the workshop coming up with ingenious equipment designs that fitted the brief.

But what could we use as the dry ‘water’?

We tested a range of products, whilst constantly sending videos and pictures to our client for approval; Lentils, couscous and oats were too heavy. Desiccated coconut and vermiculite were too light. Bean bag filling fell in the right way but it looked too much like falling snow. Puffed rice was close to what we needed but… Overall brown rice ticked all the boxes – it fell perfectly, but most importantly it could be controlled with the system we had created.

Rippling Cloth

Although we already have a wide range of wind machines, testing the cloth effect revealed that we would need to invest in something a little bit different in order to create the look the client as looking for. So MTFX invested in 10 new look wind machines, each with independent DMX controls, with these sorted and tested we had just the right effect the client had been looking for.

Confetti Rainfall

As the effect was needed to cover the stage area, as well as sections of the audience, Confetti Spinners were used to create the dry rain. Virtually silent when in operation the confetti falls as if appearing from nowhere. Many different shapes and sizes of confetti were tested before we decided on small silver squares to create the most authentic looking rain effect.

The Storm

There were a few technical difficulties to overcome when we reached Abu Dhabi, which our team of ingenious technicians worked tirelessly to overcome – they really are prepared for almost anything!

One thing they couldn’t prepare for, however, was the unexpected storm that hit Abu Dhabi whilst they were rigging for the show. All crew were locked inside the venue for their safety whilst the storm raged outside, blowing around stationary cars, flooding roads and inflicting considerable damage to nearby buildings, including the crew’s hotel!

Despite the weather beforehand, when the day of the show arrived, the weather could not have been better, beautiful sunshine. Everyone and everything was ready for the live show ahead. Each effect worked exactly as planned and rehearsed; MTFX left Abu Dhabi with another very happy client!

Read All About It – ‘Pomegranate Seed’ Neutral Buoyancy Balloon Release 2015 European Games Opening Ceremony, Baku, Azerbaijan

In March 2015 MTFX began working on a complex special effects project which involved developing a technique for releasing 1000 neutral buoyancy balloons from a huge 40ft pomegranate during the opening ceremony of the 2015 European Games – the inaugural European Games organised by the National Olympic Committees (NOCs) across Europe. The Games were taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan.

2015 European Games Opening Ceremony, Neutral Buoyancy Balloon Release from MTFX on Vimeo.

The balloons were representing pomegranate seeds, as the pomegranate is the national fruit of Azerbaijan. The brief was for the giant pomegranate to open slowly on cue in the centre of the stadium and for a generous and continuous flow of balloons to float out of it. Sounds easy, right? Surely you just fill them all with helium and let physics do the rest? Well, not quite…! Because the organising committee were very clear that although the balloons needed to float out of the pomegranate they must not float out of the actual stadium! They were very concerned about the potential impact to local wildlife by deflated balloons on the ground and in particular the risk to marine life in the nearby Caspian Sea, and therefore a strict limit on the number of balloons permitted to escape the stadium was imposed.

So, 12 weeks ahead of the opening ceremony, MTFX Technician, Tom Freeman, became our head balloonologist! He began researching how to make balloons neutrally buoyant – which means they would hover at a particular height rather than float away in to the sky or drop lifelessly to the ground. Turns out this is pretty hard. Actually no, it’s very hard. First of all we needed to purchase some very specialised gas delivery equipment that would allow us to inflate the balloons with an ultra-precise mixture of the two gases needed to do the job – helium and nitrogen. He then had to experiment… a lot. Eventually, after a two-week trial and error process, Tom had roughly figured out how we would make this special effect work… there was just one slight problem… the weather, humidity, temperature, air pressure and altitude conditions in Gloucester are very different from those in Baku, and those five factors make a massive difference to the magic recipe of gas required. So along with his trusty team of fellow MTFX Technicians James and Jake they flew out to Azerbaijan.

There followed a further two weeks of testing and tweaking until they had established the right formula for the hot, humid Baku climate. The level of precision required was crazy – even a single drop of the water on a balloon or a thin piece of sticky tape half the size of a postage stamp would throw out the balance and make it sink to the floor. But despite the many challenges the team persevered and constantly refined the process until it was pretty much perfect.

Eventually, two weeks or so before the opening ceremony, rehearsals began. These involved some intense, long (up to 19 hour) days, lots of gas cylinders and thousands upon thousands of balloons.

Due to constantly changing atmospheric conditions and the fact that due to manufacturing inconsistencies the balloons were not all precisely the same, to remain under the quota of balloons permitted to leave the stadium the MTFX team had to continue to fine-tune the filling process even during the rehearsal stages.

Finally, on 12th June, the opening ceremony began. The event was broadcast live to millions of viewers across the world who watched the pomegranate float into the middle of the stadium. It slowly opened up and assisted by some concealed MTFX fans inside, the 1000 ‘seeds’ gently floated up into the air in a graceful, bountiful display, exactly like they were supposed to.

This was one of those special effects that was far more complicated to perform than it looked on TV, with much more background work involved than many viewers would realise. But the effect looked great and got a huge reception inside the venue. The number of balloons that escaped the stadium was easily under the limit, and the clients we were working for (as well as the European Olympic committees), were delighted by the results.

Watch the short video here.

Or he extended case study video here.

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