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Film Archive

Here you can find our full video catalogue of ingenious special effects we have done over the last 20 years. From some very old footage filmed on Hi8 tapes in the early 90’s right through to the present day where we shoot in sparkly high definition, this page shows everything we have ever recorded. From some very strange experiments in the MTFX Test Field to massive TV stunts, it’s all here.

Although we have only filmed a tiny proportion of our effects we have performed in the past MTFX now sets itself apart from the competition with its commitment to video the special effects testing we do for our clients prior to a job booking or equipment hire and therefore this page will continue to grow over the coming years!

Aquagraphics film image

Aquagraphics Films

C02 jet film image

CO2 Jets Special Effects Films

Confetti film image

Confetti Films

Fire Special Effects Films image

Fire Special Effects Films

Firedance Films image

Firedance Films

Fireworks Films image

Fireworks Films

Flogos Films image

Flogos Films

High Voltage Special Effects Films image

High Voltage Special Effects Films

Mechanical Special Effects Films image

Mechanical Special Effects Films

Pyrotechnics Films image

Pyrotechnics Films

Rain Special Effects Films image

Rain Special Effects Films

Smoke Special Effects Films image

Smoke Special Effects Films

Snow Special Effects Films image

Snow Special Effects Films

Streamers Films image

Streamers Films

Water Special Effects Films image

Water Special Effects Films

Wind Special Effects Films image

Wind Special Effects Films

Widgets, Wondermongery, Whatchamacallits Films image

Widgets, Wondermongery, Whatchamacallits Films

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Fat face Winter

It’s not always about deep, heavy snowfall when it comes to producing snow effects for TV productions and video/photo shoots. Effects can vary from brief to brief. We’ve created snow storm like conditions where wind equipment is brought in to the equation. We’ve produced Calm “after the storm” scenes with the use of snow candles and snow banks to create a windswept look. Just as commonly, clients require the need for a light snow or frosting effect. This is especially fitting for the United Kingdom, where realistically, we don’t see a lot of real snow.

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