Confetti - archive videos
Large Masters Blasters - Manic Street Preachers, OnBlackheath Festival
Small Master Blasters - Business Conference
Real Rose Fall Confetti (Confetti Storm)
Mini Hose Confetti Blower
Ford - Go Further Event Confetti Spinners
Gold & Silver Confetti BNTM

MTFX provided gold and silver confetti for Britain's Next Top Model.

Large Confetti Spinners - Hunter Original Fashion Show
Large Master Blaster - Meadowhall
80cm Confetti Cannons - Britains Got More Talent
Single Shot Electric Confetti Cannon - Birthday Party

Two MTFX Single-Shot Electric Cannons were used to create this confetti effect at a birthday party.

7-Way Confetti Cannon

The 7-Way Confetti Cannon can be loaded with between 1 and 7 electric confetti cannons.

7-Way Confetti Cannon - Pride In London

The rainbow effect confetti cannon fired from the top of an open-top bus.

Triple Shot Confetti Guns & CO2 Jets - Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke using MTFX Triple-Shot Confetti Shooters.

Master Blaster Confetti & Pyro - Great North Run

MTFX were hired to fire pyrotechnics and water-soluble confetti at the Great North Run.

Disposable Handheld Confetti Cannons - Wedding Reception

MTFX supplied the disposable handheld confetti cannons used during the first dance at this wedding reception.

Triple Shot Confetti Gun

The Triple Shot Confetti Gun is a fun, handheld special effect.

30,50,80cm Confetti Launchers

Disposable handheld confetti launchers in various sizes.

Balloons and Confetti - Royal Albert Hall

MTFX dropped balloons and confetti during this Ronan Keating performance.

Confetti - England Rugby Victory Parade

MTFX using Master Blaster confetti blowers to celebrate the England 2003 World Cup Victory.

Confetti - Hearsay

Confetti fired by MTFX at a Hear'Say concert.

Confetti - Kylie Fever Tour

Petal shaped confetti from MTFX being used at a Kylie Minogue concert.

Confetti Storm (Small) - Stars In Their Eyes

Two small Confetti Storm machines were used to create this money drop effect on TV's 'Stars In Their Eyes'.

Confetti PCC - Coldplay

Confetti fired from MTFX confetti cannons during the London 2012 Paralympics Closing Ceremony.

Giant Party Popper

A giant party popper firing confetti and streamers for a Cadburys event.

Goodwood 2013 Poppy Petal Stadium Shot

MTFX Stadium Shot confetti cannons being used to fire poppy petals.

Large Confetti Spinner - British Bridal Exhibition

A Large Confetti Spinner being used to drop confetti at a fashion show.

St Pauls Cathedral Confetti Drop

MTFX were hired to perform this petal drop at St Pauls Cathederal.

Master Blaster, Small

MTFX's Small Master Blaster confetti blaster.

Master Blaster, Large

The Large version of the Master Blaster confetti blower.

Master Blaster, XL

The XL version of the the Master Blaster confetti shooter.

Confetti Storm, Large

The confetti Storm, an electric confetti machine.

Confetti Spinner, Small

The MTFX small Confetti Spinner creates an elegant and quiet falling confetti special effect.

Confetti Spinner, XL

The extra large version of the Confetti Spinner.

Single Barrelled Confetti Cannon

This is the MTFX single barrel confetti cannon.

Double Barrelled Confetti Cannon, Truss Mounted

Our double-barrelled electric confetti blaster mounted on a truss.

Double Barrelled Confetti Cannon

Our double-barrelled electric confetti shooter floor mounted.

Confetti Master Blasters, Manic Street Preachers

We used two large Master Blasters and gold confetti during the last song of the Manic Street Preachers recent performance in London.

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It’s not always about deep, heavy snowfall when it comes to producing snow effects for TV productions and video/photo shoots. Effects can vary from brief to brief. We’ve created snow storm like conditions where wind equipment is brought in to the equation. We’ve produced Calm “after the storm” scenes with the use of snow candles and snow banks to create a windswept look. Just as commonly, clients require the need for a light snow or frosting effect. This is especially fitting for the United Kingdom, where realistically, we don’t see a lot of real snow.

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