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Rain Special Effects - archive videos image
Rain Special Effects - archive videos
Casualty Rain Fall
Rain & Steam - Casualty
Rain - The Truth About Love

MTFX made it rain in several scenes for the movie 'The Truth About Love' starring Jennifer Love-Hewitt, this is the best scene.

Rain Tiles - Mars Bar Advert

MTFX rain tiles were used to create the falling water effect in this TV ad for Mars Australia.

48” Wind Machine & Large Rain Kit - Ford Mondeo Ad
Rain, wind, fog & snow effects - The Weather Network

MTFX were hired to create the rain, wind, fog & snow special effects in this advert for The Weather Network.

Case Study - Rainwalk

This video shows the design, testing and installation of the Rainwalk in Barcelona

Indoor Rain Compilation

This is a short compilation of some indoor rain projects MTFX have worked on for various clients

Interior Rain - 'Close Up'

Indoor rain created for the TV show 'Close Up'

Interior Rain - Lucy Clarke Pop Promo

MTFX provided the interior rain effect for this music video

Network Rail Track Test

MTFX created the rain used in this safety video

Rain - Mastercard Advert

An example of a rain effect created by MTFX

Rain - Messiah

The hit TV series 'Messiah' used several rain effects created by MTFX

Rain - Soul Night

Another example of an MTFX rain effect.

Rain - Wessex Water Advert

This TV advert featured rain created by MTFX rain kits

Rain Bending

An MTFX Van de Graaff Generator was used in the making of this video.

Catwalk Rain - Topman 2014 Fashion Show

MTFX were at the Topman Autumn/Winter 2014 Fashion Show installing and operating the catwalk rain.

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