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Fire Special Effects - archive videos image
Fire Special Effects - archive videos
Fire Special Effects - How to Guide - 2 Metre Brazier

An Ingenious HOW TO of our 2 Metre Brazier. An Ingeniously simple Fire Effect which has graced many an event and even the red carpet for Star Wars!

Fire and Explosion - Casualty (Vodka lab)
Casualty Fire and Boat Explosion
Fire Braziers - BBC 'The Coroner'
Pulsing DMX Braziers
Molotov Cocktails - Xtra Time
Burning Haystacks - The Proposition
Robbie Williams - Burning Logo

The Robbie Williams backdrop was set alight at the MTFX base and filmed, the resulting video was then used as a backdrop during Robbie's live concert at Knebworth.

Burning Shed

This fire effect was created by MTFX.

Caravan Explosions

A Caravan being blown up by MTFX.

CO2 Jets and Stage Flames - Lloyd Banks, TOTP

MTFX provided the special effects in this Top of the Pops performance.

Fan Fire Effect - S4C

MTFX created this fire effect for an S4C advert.

Fire Effects - Dragons Alive
Flame Effects - Soul Night
Car Fire and Explosion - Casualty

Another example of fire and explosives used by MTFX for this stunt for Casualty!

2 Metre Flame Bar

The Flame Bar creates a height-adjustable 2mtr wall of fire.

2m Hand Gas Staffs 2013 - PCC

These flaming handstaffs were designed and built by MTFX and used in the London 2012 Paralympic Games closing ceremony.

2m Hand Gas Staffs 2013 - PCC

Additional footage of the Paralympics closing ceremony flaming handstaffs.

5 Way Indoor (Arena) Flames

This video shows the spectacular 5-way flame effect from MTFX.

BBQ smoke and house fire effects - Agatha Raisin

A MTFX Smoke Machine was used to create the BBQ smoke in the first scene and real fire controlled by MTFX was used in the second scene.

Burning House - Murder games

MTFX safely created the fire effects for this production.

Burning logo - Robbie Williams

We used real fire to create this burning logo effect for Robbie Williams.

Campfire - Lark Rise To Candleford

MTFX created this real-flame campfire effect for the BBC's adaptation of 'Lark Rise To Candleford'.

Casualty - Garden Bonfire Effect

A bonfire effect used on BBC's 'Casualty'.

Dominator Festival Liquid Flame System

This video shows the 250ft big flame unit used at the Dominator Festival 2012.

Dragon Flames - Swansea

Dragon flames in use at a sporting event in Swansea.

Falling Fireballs

Testing falling fireballs for a TV effect.

Fire Box Test

This is a test of a fire effect in the MTFX test field.

Flamethrowers PCC

MTFX flamethrowers being used at the London 2012 Paralympic Games closing ceremony.

Liquid Flame System

Various clips of the huge Liquid Flame System in action.

Sprinkle Flames

An example of a sprinke flame effect from MTFX.

Sun King Fire Effect

MTFX were proud to create the stunning burning Sun King used during the London 2012 Paralympics closing ceremony.

Train Crash - Silent Witness

MTFX played a key role in this stunt for Silent Witness.

5-Way Flame Backpacks

5-way flame backpacks which were used in the London 2012 Paralympic Games closing ceremony.

Vertical Dragons

The Vertical Dragons are large LPG fire projectors suitable for outdoor use and produce flames up to 12mtrs high.


The SprayMaster uses liquid fuel disposable cartridges to project 1-3 jets of fire up to 4mtrs high.

Dragon Vertical Flames - Cardiff Blues vs Toulon

MTFX provided these fire effects at Cardiff Arms Park for the start of the Heineken Cup rugby match between Cardiff Blues and Toulon.

Stage Flame

The Stage Flame uses propane gas to project jets of fire up to 6mtrs high.

Big Flame

This is the brand new MTFX Big Flame unit. It uses propane to create impressive fireballs.

Burning Braziers & Fire Baskets - BBC Live At Edinburgh Castle

MTFX provided burning braziers and custom-designed fire baskets for this performance for this live broadcast concert.

Big Flame - Scorpion Express, Chessington

MTFX designed, manufactured and installed the flame unit on the Scorpion Express ride at Chessington World of Adventure.

Big Flame - The Swarm, Thorpe Park

An MTFX-designed fire system on The Swarm ride at Thorpe Park.

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It’s not always about deep, heavy snowfall when it comes to producing snow effects for TV productions and video/photo shoots. Effects can vary from brief to brief. We’ve created snow storm like conditions where wind equipment is brought in to the equation. We’ve produced Calm “after the storm” scenes with the use of snow candles and snow banks to create a windswept look. Just as commonly, clients require the need for a light snow or frosting effect. This is especially fitting for the United Kingdom, where realistically, we don’t see a lot of real snow.

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