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Read All About It – Kraken Rum: A Perfect Storm

When you throw a group of people in to a dark room with copious amounts of rum available, it’s always going to be a barrel of laughs. To make things even more interesting, we were asked to immerse them in ‘A Perfect Storm’

For this we used every single one of our Rain Tiles to create a perimeter of heavy rain surrounding the guests as they tucked in to a sea inspired dinner. Wind machines were thrown in to the mix to further add to the effect that the guests have just set sail on a stormy ocean voyage.

With help from Tandem Set & Scenery we helped transform a blank white canvas in to an immersive storm experience.

Kraken Rum photo 1
Kraken Rum photo 2

Read All About It – Royal Ascot

Another fantastic year at Ascot Racecourse with our effects seeing this incredible week come to a close.

This year we not only supplied our XL Master Blasters that filled the sky with Red, White & Blue confetti as racegoers sang some classic songs around the band stand, but also supplied a variety of effects for the Royal Enclosure after party. Smoke machines, bursts of confetti and as always, the crowd favourite… the Smoke Bubble Machine, which pumped out a sea of smoke filled bubble as guests partied in to the night.

Master Blaster at Royal Ascot
MTFX at Royal Ascot

If you’d like to throw your ideas at us, get an instant quote or just grab a bag of confetti? Get in touch with us here or call us on 01452 729903.

Confetti Special Effects bottle

To discuss using confetti to promote your event, get in touch today!

Read All About It – Water Soluble Confetti

It might not appear this way with the recent weather we are having here in the UK, but summer is here! With it brings an array of exciting festivals,parties and live outdoor shows.

With our current climate situation coming in to question, ways of reducing our plastic footprint are becoming more and more important! Everyone from large event organisers to parents throwing kids birthday parties are seeking alternatives to plastic consumables that don’t oppose a threat to the environment.

For this reason we are really pushing our Water Soluble confetti for outdoor events. This dissolvable product is an eco-friendly alternative for other forms of confetti. The confetti made from starch extract is soluble in water and will begin to instantly dissolve once in contact with water, making for a quick clear up and also leaving no toxins or harmful materials in its wake. This environmentally friendly confetti is available in 1kg bags and is selling fast

Confetti Special Effects bottle

To discuss using confetti to promote your product, get in touch today!

Buy the Confetti Shaker here

BUY water dissolvable confetti here

Read All About It – Water Reactive Teardrop

A Canada goose campaign promoting their spring range of ultra-waterproof clothing saw us produce an ingenious water system for this pop up exhibition.

An array of different sized, 3D teardrops were erected in 7 major cities around the world. The teardrops, coated with a reactive paint would change colour once in contact with rain.

Water Reactive Teardrop image

Working alongside a creative construction company, our job was to produce a constant and steady stream of water that would flow from the top of the teardrop and fall down and around, ensuring full coverage of the sculpture.

The integrated ‘Return to tank’ system made sure that this water activated reaction would continue to happen no matter the weather.

Water Special Effects bottle

To discuss a water system to promote your product, get in touch today!

Read All About It – The Panther Wind Machine

We thought we’d add another Wind Machine to our already stacked arsenal of machines, because why not? You can never have too many wind machines, right?

In all seriousness, we wanted to build a high quality machine, exactly how we wanted it! A few key features for us were:

Power – Kicking up a storm! We spent a lot of time designing a powerful machine that didn’t sacrifice its size. The Panther reaches speeds of up to 50mph with a variety of speed settings to match the desired output speed.

Ease of use – it’s 2019, nobody wants to encounter a cryptic trail of buttons to get a machine going. With equipment being easier than ever to use we wanted a control box that was easy to navigate.

Manoeuvrability – 4 corner wheels and a heavy duty frame, means the machine can be easily moved in a number of scenarios, whether it be indoor or outdoor. Options to tilt and rotate the main fan mean you don’t have to turn the whole unit around to pin point where your gust of wind goes.

Size – Removable legs, combined with an already small frame allow the unit to be easily stored and most importantly, it fits in to a box van. Compared to our larger, bulkier wind machines, the size of this powerful wind unit allows us to dry hire this wind machine, making it a more cost effective way to produce high end wind effects.

Wind Special Effects bottle

To discuss using The Panther Wind Machine for your event, get in touch today!

If you’d like to find out how you can hire The Panther Wind Machine, get in touch with the team now.

Panther wind machine

Read All About It – The One Show meets The Faraday Cage

The BBC One Show’s, Rory Reid stopped by our High Voltage Lab to help explain what happens when lightning strikes an aeroplane during flight. Unfortunately for him, this involved a few minutes in our Faraday cage (also known as the cage of Death) to show exactly what happens.

This experiment involved 2 large Tesla Coils to produce around 1 Million volts of electricity.

When the cage is struck by the lightning, rather than it passing through the cage, it is instead conducted around the cage.  This keeping the objects within the cage, or in this case the person safe while the electricity travels around them.

Click the video to view the full segment.

Read All About It – Dry Ice Curtain

Dry Ice, when combined with heated water creates a stunning, atmospheric low smoke effect. Most commonly used for musical performances and theatre/TV & film Productions, the smoke effect creates a moody effect that thanks to the weight of the Co2 makes the smoke hover around the floor.

The weight of the smoke comes in handy for a recent test of ours. The Dry ice curtain sees the dry ice pumped through a raised feature. The weight then forces it down slowly creating a curtain of falling smoke.

Check out the test video opposite.

Read All About It – Things Have Changed

It’s been over 26 years since we first opened our doors and began creating effects from our first HQ in Bristol. A lot has changed over those years!

Apart from better camera quality and a new logo, we've expanded in to the Bristol Bottle yard Studios and also in to Wales which has allowed us to continue pushing the boundaries within the Special Effects industry. We’ve opened Olympics ceremonies, filled the streets with snow, travelled to over 20 countries and so much more.

But, the one thing that will never change here at MTFX is the high standard of Effects that we consistently deliver!!

Welcome to MTFX. The Ingenious effects people.

Things have change photo

Read All About It – Scented Misting Systems

The Scented Misting System is a water effect that disperses fine water particles, whilst also releasing a fragrant aroma. Created as an aesthetic visual effect the misting system is most commonly used as a cooling device for outdoor events and festivals. Although being a water effect, the fine output of the water means that you feel refreshed without getting soaked.

Designed to be fully tailored to the users need, misting systems are perfect for brand promotion, at Festivals & Sport Events as a refreshing cooling agent or, as a creative standalone feature. The possibilities are endless.

Apart from its main role as a cooling device, a misting system is an intriguing feature which allows the consumer to interact with a unique display.

In a time of social media high, effects such as the misting system are a power tool for brand marketing. Attracting people to engage, capture and share the experience across a wide range of platforms and, in turn maximising exposure.

Aquagraphics Special Effects bottle

To discuss a Scented Misting System special effects for your event, get in touch today.

Scented Misting System from MTFX photo

Read All About It – Triple Shot Confetti Gun

The Triple Shot Confetti Gun is as fun as it looks and does exactly what it says on the tin. 3, electrically triggered shots of confetti, streamers or both, firing up to 20 metres in to the air depending on cannon size. The gun can be fired either simultaneously or with each cannon fired separately.

The Triple Shot Gun is an easy, fun and unique way of creating a falling confetti or streamer effect, making it perfect for events and stage performances.

Our guns are fully loaded and ready for action – contact us now for more information.

Watch the Triple Shot Gun in Slow Motion action here.

Triple shot confetti gun

Read All About It – The Confetti Shaker

Yep,  we’ve upgraded our Snow Shaker falling snow machine to now not only distribute a huge variety of artificial snow products but to also deliver our 17 x 55mm confetti  as a slow falling confetti effect, with a full load lasting for several hours. Purpose build for themed shop window displays, weddings, photoshoots and pretty much anything where an atmospheric falling effect is needed.

The shaker features a removable base insert, giving the user the option of a variety of output holes depending on the size of the product they are using and also the desired effect.

Buy the Confetti Shaker here

BUY the Confetti Shaker here

Read All About It – Snowstorms

After a long Christmas period and the important job of covering the UK’s towns and cities with the white stuff, the fleet of Snow Storms are back at HQ before they head out on their next winter mission.

The Snow Storm unit is a powerful and incredibly quiet snow machine. Built in to a flight case, the Snow Storm is durable as well as manoeuvrable. A 20l fluid tank contained within the flight case will give you approx.  2 hours on continuous output at 50% with the option to set a number of different snow flake sizes and intervals to give you a longer lasting effect.

Not only has the Snow Storm been out filling the sky with falling snow for a wide variety of winter events it has also had its fair share of screentime with its most recent appearance on SKY Atlantics hit series FORTITUDE.

Get in touch with our ingenious team

snow storm

Read All About It – Hello, it it you we're looking for?

Yep, you heard Lionel right! Is it you we’re looking for?

We’re looking for a highly motivated, skilled, team player to join our special effects team.

You’d be joining our main team in Gloucester, supplying visually spectacular, high end special effects for the live events and TV/Film industry.The ideal candidate will have previous experience within the SFX industry, but fear not, this is not essential.

Please send over your CV with a cover letter outlining why you think you would be a good candidate for this exciting position to Mark@mtfx.com

Job vacancy image with MTFX

Read All About It – Musical Tesla Coil

The Brightarcs Musical Tesla Coil is a musically modulated, highly advanced, high voltage piece of equipment which can be used as a single unit or as a pair. 500,000 volts are used to produce the sparks that create the sound you hear. The coil can be programmed to play a variety of melodies and songs with the option to be connected to a number of instruments.

The Musical Tesla is an impressive piece of kit. Its dynamic lightning and sound offer a unique experience for its audience. The coil has been implemented in to many events, displays and as permanent installations at attractions around the world.

We’ve been playing around with a number of our favourite songs recently. Here’s one of them.

Read All About It – 84" Wind Machine

Sometimes, size does matter, especially when it comes down to creating gale force winds strong enough to unbalance your average individual.

Our range of Wind machine effects start from as small as 9” with the 84” Machine being the largest amongst our arsenal of wind machines. Capable of producing wind speed of up to 75mph this powerful machine has played huge roles creating turbulent wind conditions within the TV/Film world, with it most recently spotted on SKY Atlantics Series ‘Fortitude’ and also BBC’s, Deadly Dinosaurs featuring Steve Backshall.

Discover more of our Ingenious Wind Effects and how you can hire them here

Read All About It – NYE Confetti

Yep, it’s on its way. 2019 is nearly here and it’s almost time for the New Year’s Eve festivities to begin. What better way to see the New Year in than with our MTFX Handheld Confetti & Streamer Cannons. Easy to use, party approved, and with prices starting at just £4.79. Simply choose from a variety of our pre-made filled cannons or customize your own with your chosen colours or shapes.

So grab your Cannon, pour yourself a glass of Prosecco and celebrate the start of the year in style.

Read All About It – Fortitude

At the Beginning of March 2018 we braved the Arctic condition of Svalbard, an archipelago island between Norway and the North Pole. Known for its rugged winter terrain, Northern lights hotspot and Polar bears, it was clear that Svalbard was always going to make the perfect location to film SKY Atlantic’s Arctic thriller – Fortitude, with this being its final season.

With 3 weeks of filming ahead we packed our warmest winter jackets, braved the -30C conditions and of course, took with us a number of our beloved snow and wind machines to help add visual effects to the already stunning surrounding of Svalbard.

After 3 weeks of battling the harsh winter conditions with our equipment still standing when many others did not, we had completed the bulk of filming for the 3rd and final series of Fortitude. It was time for us to head back to Bristol, UK where we would finish shooting the final scenes at The Bottle yard Studios.

Fortitude will be hitting your screens on the 6th of December and we can assure you, it’s definitely not going to be one to miss.

Read All About It – The Showman’s Show 2018

Another year, and another exciting, jam packed couple of days at the Showman’s Show in Newbury. The Showman's Show is the UK's original and most comprehensive exhibition of products, services and entertainment for the festival, outdoor and special event industry.

The show consists of 2 days of which, companies within the event industry come together to showcase their services. With a huge variety of exhibitors, from luxury marquee displays, Extreme Mountain bike demonstrations to, of course, Ingenious Special effects, there is plenty to keep you occupied.

This year at the Showman’s Show we went all out winter themed. Bringing a winter wonderland to the showground and unveiling several of our new snow machines for the upcoming winter, combined with a large selection of our ingenious winter consumable products. We were on hand to talk to visitors through all our products and offer expert advice on utilising special effects that have a lasting impact.

Check the recap video here
Reusable Confetti Cannon

Read All About It – Reusable Confetti Cannon

The Reusable Handheld Confetti launcher is a cost effective way to provide a celebratory effect that can be customised to your needs. The cannon can be filled with confetti blocks or tissue & metallic streamers, which are available in a variety of colours.

The cannon can be filled with up to 10 blocks of confetti in total, giving you the option to manually fill the cannon to your desired size of output.

A 16g CO2 cylinder bulbs that is screwed in to the base of the cannon is used to fire the confetti.

Reusable Confetti Cannon

Read All About It – Ingenious Ice

The MTFX Ice cubes come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes and quantities, with an array of functions.  Most commonly used by Visual Merchandisers, photographers and stylists to create picture perfect imagery and displays without the hindrance of melting ice.

Our ice effects begin at just £3.12 with products including artificial icicles, XL ice rocks and grated ice effects.

Although our ice cubes will make your drink look realistically delicious, unfortunately it won’t be as chilled as it looks.

You can find our full range of winter effects here.

Or alternatively reach us at info@mtfx.com

The MTFX Ice cubes

Read All About It – The Snow Storm

Introducing the newest member to the Snow Special Effects team – The Snow Storm. A professional DMX compatible foam snow machine which can easily be rigged on to a standard truss, tripod or simply used handheld. Adjustable air volume and fluid rates allows the user to produce a variety of snow effects from fine snow to a full blizzard.

Being built into a flight case, also gives the unit the added bonus of protection and also the plus of low level noise during use.

Photo of confetti at Pride event
storm storm in norway

The Snow Storm was put through its paces during its first outing to the Norwegian Archipelago island of Svalbard. The Machine proved its worth, performing in harsh -30C Conditions while filming for SKY Atlantics TV Thriller series, Fortitude.

If you’d like to hire a Snow Storm or find out more information on our snow special effects click here

Read All About It – Ingenious Confetti Effects for 2018 Events!

We can’t quite believe that it’s 2018, a whole year of amazing events approaches; festivals, tours, concerts, weddings, corporate events, parties and more. With a huge range of Confetti Blowers, Spinners and Cannons; MTFX can provide a very high standard of confetti equipment for dry hire, or with our highly skilled technicians to operate the equipment to create the optimum effect.

Our CO2 Confetti Blower, The Master Blaster comes in a range of sizes and throwing lengths. Simply hook up the CO2, pull the lever, sprinkle in the confetti and watch as it creates a huge shower of confetti over your crowd. For more information click here.

Photo of confetti at Pride event
Photo of confetti cannons

Make confetti fall from the sky with our Spinner units. Hung from a truss, the spinners work to create a shower of confetti on cue. Check out this ingenious job we did for Ford in Cologne…

Perfect for a range of confetti shapes and streamers, our Confetti Cannons come in a range of shapes and sizes to cater for all levels of experience and events.

From our Powershot Kit and Single Shots, to our Stadium Shot Confetti Cannons which’ll fire up to 30mtrs we have something for everyone.

For more information click here.

Read All About It – Get Festival Ready – CO2 Special Effects!

Need a super impressive stage effect to wow the crowd this festival season?

Look no further than our Ingenious CO2 Effects range!

Our CO2 Jets will create an impressive burst of CO2. The plume on our standard model will reach 6-8 mtrs – for extra magic try the XL model firing a Jet of CO2 up to 20mtrs!

If your performer needs that extra ego boost on stage, why not give them the ultimate CO2 effect? The CO2 Gun!

Our Single & Multi Shot T-shirt Guns and Launchers are the ultimate effects for firing your brand into the crowd!

Read All About It - Apprentices


You heard that right!

Would you like to gain valuable qualifications at Cirencester College​ whilst learning a unique trade working in the TV/Film Industries?

We are getting busier and busier so we're looking to expand our team of INGENIOUS special effects technicians and engineers.

If you have experience of providing ingenious engineering ideas and solutions we would love to hear from you.

Image of an advert for an MTFX apprentice

Read All About It! - Gunge, CO2 and Confetti Special Effects

Recently, the MTFX team created a range of bespoke gunge effects, as well as supply and operation of CO2 Jets and Confetti Special Effects for a live event.

We spent a lot of time working very closely with our clients to create an array of powerful pumps, bespoke props, hoses and sprayers to blast a large audience with gallons of our own made to brief, glorious fluorescent green gunge!

As well as this, the team operated our Ingenious CO2 Jets, and Confetti Blowers to wow the crowd throughout a range of performances!

Photo of bespoke Grunge special effects
Photo of bespoke Grunge special effects
Photo of bespoke Grunge special effects

Read All About It – Bringing Special Effects to the Bottle Yard studios in Bristol

We have some very exciting news to break in the New Year!

Following our expansion into Wales in 2017, MTFX have acquired new premises at the Bottle Yard studios in Bristol.

The Bottle Yard logo

A comfortable meeting space, offices and storage mean we can provide even more ingenious Special Effects in Bristol and The Southwest and get closer to our valued customers.

In our 25 years as an internationally renowned Special Effects Company, Bristol and The Southwest has always been an important hub for many of our projects. We are one of the biggest local providers of Snow, Pyrotechnics, Wind, Rain, Fire effects and everything in between.

We’ve been a part of many ingenious productions at The Bottle Yard such as Poldark and The White Princess including this Ingenious Snow Scene we created for Sky One’s Trollied.

If you’ve got a TV/Film production at the Bottleyard, Bristol or in the Southwest – Get in touch!

Read All About It – MTFX at The Showman’s Show 2017

MTFX had another fantastic year promoting our Ingenious Special Effects at The Showman’s Show.

Matthew and Tom met loads of exciting people from the Outdoor Events Industry.

We exhibited our Ingenious Snow Range by Crafting a stunning Trade Stand using ouroutdoor artficial Snow Effects such as our Snow Underlay, laid over with our Bio Degradable Fake Snow Paper Snow Standard and our Ingenious Tree Waxing Machine to decorate our Christmas Trees with an Ingenious Snow Wax effect.

We also had our Snow Mini Foam Snow Machine for special demos controlled by DMX from the safety of our Chalet, catching people by surprise!

And our Showstopper the MTFX Smoke Bubble Machine, an Ingenious concept creating a high adjustable output of up to approx. 6000 smoke filled bubbles a minute.

To find out more about our Ingenious Indoor and Outdoor Snow Special Effects, our Snow Machine Hire or our New Ingenious Smoke Bubble Machine for your events. Contact MTFX today!

Read All About It – Ingenious Earthquake Chair

MTFX had the Pleasure of working with our Ingenious clients to provide a range of Special Effects for Gamescom 2017, an annual gaming fair held at the Koelnmesse in Cologne.

Alongside our Ingenious Technicians, Company Director Mark was there to provide Confetti, Streamers, CO2 and Spark effects as well as a really exciting project – the Earthquake Chair to create an immersive gaming experience live on stage to promote Omen gaming machines by Hewlett Packard.

The Earthquake chair was a bespoke build by MTFX from scratch.

Using a set of fully controllable High Tech Pneumatics, we lovingly constructed the seat liaising closely with the client to match their specs from prototype to final product. We did this by creating video content in house which was shared by email to ensure that we got really helpful feedback from the client.

Check out the Ingenious video case study here.

Read All About it – Hair Raising Van De Graaff Generators

As part of our HVFX Brand we’ve got some rather Ingenious, Hair Raising Electrostatic Effects!

Our Van De Graaff Generators are the perfect attraction for your Show or event. We’ve used them for a huge range of clients over the years from Music Videos to Science Fairs, Parties, TV adverts, Performances and more!

"What’s a Van De Graaff Generator?”

A Van de Graaff generator is an electrostatic generator which uses a moving belt to build up very high amounts of electrical charge on a hollow metal globe most commonly used to make peoples hair stand on end.

Our highly skilled technicians will not only come out and operate the devices for you - keeping everyone safe whilst creating the optimum effect, but are also on hand to discuss your needs and requirements prior to your booking.

Contact Us Today to find out more.

We don’t just do Van De Graaff Generators; we have a wide range of High Voltage Effects from magnificent Tesla Coils, to Plasma Balls and more. Check out more of our High Voltage Special Effects Here.

Read All About it – MTFX VW Wind Machine - The Face Lift!

Our 48” VW Wind Machine has been a part of the MTFX Family for many, many years and was starting to look a bit “weathered”. *Pause for laughter*

It has done us well on many jobs over the years working with some big names in adverts, film & tv, events and more creating some ingeniously adverse weather conditions:

We decided to give it the special treatment and have a full face lift, we are so pleased with the results.

New Features include:

  • A shiny new double wheeled trailer with handbrake for stability
  • The mesh size has been reduced, the external frame increased to give us a better air output
  • Stabilisation legs have been added to help operation at any angle
  • The balance points have been improved and the slew ring upgraded.

We are so proud so gave the VW its very own launch video:



To see our full wind range click here!

Read All About it – Confetti Effects for Formula 1!

MTFX Recently worked at the British Grand Prix providing a wide range of Confetti Special Effects using Blowers and Cannons.

The client wanted to create a spectacular moment for the Podium at the end of the main race.

Using 4 of our Large Master Blasters to create a ginormous shower, as well as one big hit on cue using 8 of our Double Barrel Confetti Cannons operated by 5 Ingenious Technicians we nailed a perfect cue as the traditional spraying of Champagne commenced.


Perks of the job!

Double Barrels Primed and Ready by the Podium

“Flight Cases on a Double Decker Bus? – No Problem!”

Tom and Matthew had to do the last leg of their load-in on a bus! Always up for an adTom and Matthew had to do the last leg of their load-in on a bus! Always up for an adventure!venture!

To read more Ingenious news from MTFX click here
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Kraken Rum: A Perfect Storm

When you throw a group of people in to a dark room with copious amounts of rum available, it’s always going to be a barrel of laughs. To make things even more interesting, we were asked to immerse them in ‘A Perfect Storm’

For this we used every single one of our Rain Tiles to create a perimeter of heavy rain surrounding the guests as they tucked in to a sea inspired dinner. Wind machines were thrown in to the mix to further add to the effect that the guests have just set sail on a stormy ocean voyage.

Read more ...
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