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If you think confetti = weddings, think again. We are the confettiologists and we know that confetti is so much more!

Put confetti in a confetti cannon or confetti blower and you have a dramatic effect that’s perfect at sporting celebrations or event climaxes. Put confetti in a confetti spinner and you have a delicate effect that creates a romantic atmosphere at a ballet or concert.

Our confetti comes in 21 colours and a wide range of pre-cut shapes. It’s fire retardant and bio-degradable as standard. We also offer water soluble confetti, which is perfect if you need to clear up an outdoor venue rapidly.

We also create custom shape confetti so you can have a bespoke confetti shape that’s unique to your event or brand.

Let us use our ingenuity to help you bring your ideas to life. After all, we are the confettiologists!

Contact the MTFX team to discuss which your Confetti needs.

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We have some very exciting news to break in the New Year!

Following our expansion into Wales in 2017, MTFX have acquired new premises at the Bottle Yard studios in Bristol.

A comfortable meeting space, offices and storage mean we can provide even more ingenious Special Effects in Bristol and The Southwest and get closer to our valued customers.

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