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Widgets, Wondermongery, Whatchamacallits

MTFX: the ingenious special effects people.

When we first talked about our website, we were asked, “What sort of special effects do you do?” To which we answered, “We can do any special effect”. Of course, that isn’t a very helpful answer. It is the most truthful one, though!

Our Ingenious Widgets, Wondermongery and Whatchamacallit’s Include:

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If you’ve got a challenge, give us a call. We’d love to use our ingenuity to come up with the solution.

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Telephone - +44 (0)1452 729903
Email - info@mtfx.com

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Royal Ascot

Another fantastic year at Ascot Racecourse with our effects seeing this incredible week come to a close.

This year we not only supplied our XL Master Blasters that filled the sky with Red, White & Blue confetti as racegoers sang some classic songs around the band stand but also supplied a variety of effects for the Royal Enclosure after party. Smoke machines, bursts of confetti and as always, the crowd favourite… the Smoke Bubble Machine, which pumped out a sea of smoke filled bubble as guests partied in to the night.

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