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CO2 Jets & Guns, plus T-Shirt Launchers galore - available for hire and operation by our skilled technicians!

Perfect for all stages from Festivals to Stadiums, Sporting and musical events, our CO2 jet and CO2 Jet XL units are an ingenious machine that produces a jet of “simulated steam” using liquid carbon dioxide to create a smoke effect which will disappear without trace on cue, bringing a touch of magic and giving that special WOW factor.

What about the CO2 Gun? This ingenious hire equipment is perfect for DJs and performers. The gun can be hooked up to a CO2 bottle, allowing the user to fire an impressive plume of CO2, certainly an ego booster! Optional Backpack available for portability allowing the performer to move around on stage!

Our T-Shirt Guns (AKA Cannons or Launchers) are the perfect hire for firing your brand into any crowd. Also available with a technician, this super-awesome piece of kit will have the crowd going wild. Want that extra touch of excitement? Try our futuristic Multi-Shot T Shirt launcher!

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