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What’s a CO2 jet? It’s a jet of “simulated steam” that uses liquid carbon dioxide (supplied in a bottle) to create a smoke effect which will disappear without trace on cue.

Perhaps the better question to ask is, what can you do with CO2 jets? Well, these simple pieces of equipment are probably some of the most useful in the special effects toolkit. Here are just two examples.

Used on stage in the theatre or arena, they add drama and visual excitement. And because they disappear without trace, artists aren’t obscured or affected by the after-effects.

Used on screen, they make steam trains come alive and help to create atmospheric period travel settings.

We don’t expect you to know when or if you need to use CO2 jets. You simply need to know the special effect you want created. It’s our job to find the tools that will create that special effect within your budget.

MTFX also has a range of dry ice equipment, and can supply dry ice for effects.

Contact the MTFX team to discuss CO2 Jets and dry ice special effects.

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