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Ingenious Bubble Machine Hire!

MTFX: the ingenious special effects people.

For any shoot, event or party, MTFX’s INGENIOUS Bubble Machine Hire range will have the perfect solution for you.

From our B200 and Bubble Master up to our Top Spec Smoke Bubble Machine, designed to bring magic to any setting!

A perfect Dry Hire, The B200 Bubble Machine produces a massive amount of normal sized bubbles. It uses high quality bubble liquid that gives long lasting bubbles for use in any application.

Bubble machine image

With it’s Digital Controls, another dry hire option is the Bubble Master. A high output machine that produces thousands of dry bubbles.

Bubble machine to hire image

The Smoke Bubble Machine is an INGENIOUS bit of kit! Combining the elements of a smoke machine and a bubble machine, this clever unit produces thousands of huge smoke filled bubbles per minute.

Bubble machine in actionWidgets bottle image

Get in touch to see how we could use Smoke Bubbles for you.

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Ingenious? Get in touch

Telephone - +44 (0)1452 729903
Email - info@mtfx.com

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Things Have Changed

It’s been over 26 years since we first opened our doors and began creating effects from our first HQ in Bristol. A lot has changed over those years!

Apart from better camera quality and a new logo, we've expanded in to the Bristol Bottle yard Studios and also in to Wales which has allowed us to continue pushing the boundaries within the Special Effects industry. We’ve opened Olympics ceremonies, filled the streets with snow, travelled to over 20 countries and so much more.

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