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Pyrotechnics - archive videos image
Pyrotechnics - archive videos
Gamescom Case Study - Earthquake Chair, Sparks, CO2, Streamers
Car Explosion
Rugby Ball Pirate Cannon Launch
Land Rover Defender Celebration Pyro (15 Foot Gerbs)
Bullet Hits - Body - Darkness Falls

This clip from Darkness Falls shows an MTFX-supplied realistic looking bullet hit effect.

Snow Mini’s, Stadium Shot Confetti & Pyro - Christmas Light Switch On
HMS Belfast 6" Guns Simulated Firing

MTFX used pyrotechnics to create this simulated firing of the 6 inch guns on HMS Belfast.

RIAT Fairford Air Tattoo - Napthalene Simulators and Large Theatrical Flashes

MTFX deployed various special effects at the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford.

Pyro Waterfall - S Club 7

A pyrotechnic waterfall display installed and operated by MTFX.

Pyro Explosion Large Robotics - Dirty Tricks

MTFX provided the pyro to create this explosion for the TV show Dirty Tricks.

Mine Explosion - Supernatural

This explosion was carried out by MTFX.

Midsomer Murders - Van Explosion

The van in this video was blown up by MTFX.

Guitar Pyro - Busted

MTFX installed and remotely fired the pyrotechnics attached to the bands guitars at this Busted concert.

Exploding Mashed Potato

MTFX used pyrotechnics to blow up this mash!

Pyro Explosion Large Robotics - Dirty Tricks

MTFX provided the pyro to create this explosion for the TV show Dirty Tricks.

Caravan Explosions

A Caravan being blown up by MTFX.

Large Theatrical Flashes - Westlife

This pyro effect was operated by MTFX.

Sparkle Flash - Westlife

This pyro effect was operated by MTFX.

Car Explosion

MTFX blew up the car in this TV show production.

6mtr Jets - Disney Channel X5

This pyrotechnic effect was provided by MTFX.

Pyro Waterfall - Westlife

This is an example of a pyrotechnic waterfall effect created by MTFX.

Pyro, Low Smoke & Confetti - Miranda Hart Tour
Pyro Sparks - Casualty
Drug Lab Explosion - Casualty
Oil Tanker Explosion - BBC Casualty

This videos shows how MTFX brilliantly blew up an oil tanker in this recent episode of Casualty.

Van Explosion with Confetti & Powder Paint

MTFX were hired by AnyVan to blow up this Ford Transit as part of their 5th Birthday celebrations.

Exploding Fruit - Kit Neale 'Tutti Frutti'

Blowing up the fruit in this promotional video for Kit Neale's 'Tutti Frutti' clothing range!

Train Explosion - Silent Witness

A big explosion in a dramatic scene from 'Silent Witness'!

1st Car Explosion

An old video showing MTFX's first ever car explosion!

Bomb Effect - Casualty Animal Rights

A parcel-bomb special effect by MTFX for BBC 'Casualty'

Bomb Effect 1 - Johnny And The Bomb

The first of two bomb effects we created for this TV show

Bomb Effect 2 - Johnny And The Bomb

A further explosion for Johnny And The Bomb

Car Explosion On Beach

MTFX blew up the car in this film scene

Car Explosion Pop Promo

A very fiery car explosion carried out by MTFX

Car Explosions - Lushfest 2012

Car explosions at Lushfest

Casualty Quarry Explosion

An explosion effect created for BBC 'Casualty'

Dirty Tricks Car Explosion

A large car blast carried out for the TV show 'Dirty Tricks'

Dirty Tricks Panjandrum

Another big effect for Dirty Tricks, this is the pyrotechnic Panjandrum with an explosion

Doctor Who - Spark and Drop Box

MTFX provided the pyrotechnic sparks in this episode of Doctor Who

Exploding Car - Robbie Williams

This video shows a car being blown up by MTFX technicians for a Robbie Williams promo stunt

Exploding cockroaches

Fake cockroaches were blown up using pyrotechnics for this TV show

Exploding Monkeys

MTFX were asked to test blowing up some toy monkeys for a TV advert

Exploding Rock - 6 Nations

Using explosives to blow up a wall for this TV segment

Halo 4 Launch Pyro

MTFX deployed many different effects for this Halo 4 launch event

House Explosion, FFP Media

This dramatic house explosion was carried out by MTFX Technicians for a TV show

Igniting The Inferno - Blowing Up Casualty

This behind-the-scenes video shows how involved we were in blowing up the Casualty A&E dept!

Indoor Pyro - Blue - Comets & Mines

Pyrotechnic comets and mines used by MTFX at a Blue concert

Indoor Pyro - Busted - Blue Mines

Blue mine pyro effects operated by MTFX at a Busted concert

Indoor Pyro - Samantha Mumba, Flame Projectors And Mines

MTFX operated the pyrotechnic flame effects during this Samantha Mumba performance

Indoor Pyro and Confetti - Dublin

This video shows pyrotechnics combined with confetti performed by MTFX at this live event

Indoor Pyro Display - Morrisons Party

An example of indoor pyrotechnics operated by MTFX.

Lushfest 2012 Exploding Cars

At Lushfest 2012, MTFX were asked to rig three cars to explode during a music set.

Pyro Gerbs - QVC advert

The pyrotechnic Gerbs used in this QVC advert supplied and operated by MTFX.

Pyro Flares - Mercedes S Class Launch

This video shows pyrotechnic flares being used at a Mercedes launch event.

Pyro Jets - Iron Maiden

The pyrotechnic Jets used at this Iron Maiden concert were installed and operated by MTFX.

Pyrotechnics Flare - Casualty

MTFX provided the pyro flare and artificial smoke used in this episode of Casualty.

Pyrotechnics Intro - Don't Look Back

MTFX were asked to provide a range of pyrotechnics for the intro for 'Don't Look Back'.

Quarry Explosion - Opus

Explosives were used to create this effect for the TV programme 'Opus'

Sparking Light - Messiah

MTFX created this sparking light effect using pyrotechnics.

Sparkling Pois PCC

This 'Sparkling Pois' pyrotechnic effect was used during the London 2012 Paralympics Closing Ceremony.

Spiral Galaxies PCC

MTFX created this 'Spiral Galaxy' pyrotechnic effect for the London 2012 Paralympics Closing Ceremony

Sparking Power Cable - Casualty

This is a realistic looking (but safe!) sparking power cable created for this electrocution scene in BBC's 'Casualty'

Train Crash - Sparks, Explosion, Smoke & Pyro - Casualty

The explosion, sparks, smoke and pyrotechnic effects in this dramatic Casualty episode were all created by MTFX.

Trollied - Car Crash Pyro & Debris

The pyrotechnic sparks and falling debris were provided by MTFX for this episode of Trollied.

Meadowhall Master Blaster & Pyro

MTFX provided confetti Master Blasters and pyro at the Meadowhall Christmas light switch on concert in Sheffield

White Pyrotechnic Flares

This is an example of a pyrotechnic flare from MTFX.

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It’s not always about deep, heavy snowfall when it comes to producing snow effects for TV productions and video/photo shoots. Effects can vary from brief to brief. We’ve created snow storm like conditions where wind equipment is brought in to the equation. We’ve produced Calm “after the storm” scenes with the use of snow candles and snow banks to create a windswept look. Just as commonly, clients require the need for a light snow or frosting effect. This is especially fitting for the United Kingdom, where realistically, we don’t see a lot of real snow.

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