Mechanical Special Effects - archive videos
Casualty Shipping Container Case Study

MTFX worked to create this ingenious effect where a Shipping Container full of people was dropped. We used a range of tricks such as miniatures, blue screen and more!

Gamescom Case Study - Earthquake Chair, Sparks, CO2, Streamers
Agatha Raisin Bell Ringing Special Effects Case Study

MTFX Designed & Provided this INGENIOUS, bespoke Mechanical Rig to simulate Church Bell Ringing Ropes

Boulder Drop - Casualty
Casualty Building Site Scaffolding Collapse (Case Study)
Casualty Ceiling Collapse
Casualty House Collapse 1
Casualty House Collapse 2
Casualty Scaffolding Collapse
Ceiling Collapse effect - Casualty
Collapsing Floor
Floor Collapse effect - Casualty
Glass Canopy Smash - BBC Casualty
Helicopter Crash - Smoke and Rubble effects - Casualty
Racking Collapse Effect - Casualty

MTFX were heavily involved in the creation of this stunt for BBC's 'Casualty'.

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Read All About It – Ingenious Ice

The MTFX Ice cubes come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes and quantities, with an array of functions. Most commonly used by Visual Merchandisers, photographers and stylists to create picture perfect imagery and displays without the hindrance of melting ice.

Our ice effects begin at just £3.12 with products including artificial icicles, XL ice rocks and grated ice effects.

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