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Snow Special Effects - archive videos
Snow Special Effects - archive videos
Flight of the Snow Minis - Snow Machine Special Effects

It’s almost that time of year again, when Mr Freeman gets back from his Strictly Tour and gives our Snow Machines their annual MOT after their busy winter season, testing them with a new Heavy Duty foam snow!

Packman Snow Machines - Westlife

Packman snow machines from MTFX were used in this Westlife live performance.

Large Snow Blower - Instructional Video
Confetti Snow - Whatsonstage Awards - Willemijn Verkaik - Let It Go

MTFX used two small confetti 'Master Blasters' to create this stunning falling snow effect.

Land Rover Snow & Wind Advert

MTFX worked with Land Rover on this TV ad, creating snow and wind atmospheric effects.


The Packman snow machine from MTFX creates a gentle snowfall effect.

Real Snow - Snowball Fight At MTFX

After ingeniously creating our very own real snow on a sunny April day we of course had to test it out its snowball-making qualities!

Snow Candles

A demonstration of pyrotechnic snow candles available from MTFX.

Snow Effect - Peter, Portrait of a Serial Killer

MTFX created this realistic laid snow scene for the film 'Peter - Portrait of a Serial Killer'

Snow Mini - Artificial Snow Blower

The MTFX Snow Mini is a liquid foam snow machine which produces a realistic-looking gentle falling snow effect

Snow Shaker

The Snow Shaker is a hanging unit which uses quiet motors to create a gentle falling snow effect using artificial snow products

Ice Crystal Spray

Ice Crystal Spray creates a beautiful frosty look on glass

Outdoor Snow Scene

The MTFX Team used fake snow to brilliantly transform a large garden into a beautiful winter wonderland for a private function in Essex

Outdoor Snow Scene - Trollied Christmas Special

We created this outdoor fake snow scene for the Season 3 Christmas Special of the Sky One TV show 'Trollied'

Artificial Paper Snowballs (Trollied)

This is an example of artificial paper-based snowballs produced by MTFX for TV

Falling Snow - Casualty

A range of foam snow machines were used to create a realistic falling snow effect in a range of scenes for this recent episode of BBC's 'Casualty'

Frost, Icicles and Shattering Ice - Sochi Winter Paralympics Opening Ceremony

During the 2014 Sochi Winter Paralympics Opening Ceremony MTFX added a frost effect and icicles to the huge ice-breaking ship

Snow@Work - Window Kit 1

This video shows a shop window being decorated with a Christmas display using the MTFX Snow@Work window kit 1.

Snow Confetti - Gary Barlow

MTFX used 'Master Blaster' confetti blowers to provide a confetti snow effect during this Gary Barlow performance.

MTFX Waxing Machine - Christmas Tree Waxing

This video shows a Christmas tree being waxed using the MTFX Waxing Machine.

MTFX Snow Flocking Machine - Christmas Tree Flocking

A Christmas tree being flocked using the MTFX Flocking Machine.

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Things Have Changed

It’s been over 26 years since we first opened our doors and began creating effects from our first HQ in Bristol. A lot has changed over those years!

Apart from better camera quality and a new logo, we've expanded in to the Bristol Bottle yard Studios and also in to Wales which has allowed us to continue pushing the boundaries within the Special Effects industry. We’ve opened Olympics ceremonies, filled the streets with snow, travelled to over 20 countries and so much more.

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