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Water Special Effects - archive videos image
Water Special Effects - archive videos
Gunge, CO2 Jets & Confetti Special Effects

Highlights from an Ingenious job where we pumped gallons of gunge and fired our awe inspiring CO2 jets & confetti blowers!

Compilation Laminar Flow Waterfall

MTFX have created a laminar flow waterfall, this is our compilation of sizes we have tested so far.

Samsung Puddle Splash Effect

MTFX created a puddle splash effect for a Samsung S5 advert.

1.5mtr Lamina Flow Waterfall

Testing out a Laminar Flow Waterfall for a customer! despite the wind it looks ingenious and awesome!

3mtr High Laminar Flow Waterfall

Out in the yard on a beautiful sunny day, testing water effects again!

Candy Crush Bear - Water Effects - Case Study

MTFX were proud to be involved in the UK launch of the game CANDY CRUSH SODA. We created the 'soda jets' which raised a giant candy bear into the air on the River Thames during the UK launch event which saw Nicole Scherzinger switch on the soda!

Rippling Water

A rippling water test by MTFX

Water Fire Fountains

Our Water Fire Fountains featuring real fire INSIDE the water!

Water Fountains

MTFX offer a range of water fountain and jets including floating models.

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Read All About It – Musical Tesla Coil

The Brightarcs Musical Tesla Coil is a musically modulated, highly advanced, high voltage piece of equipment which can be used as a single unit or as a pair. 500,000 volts are used to produce the sparks that create the sound you hear. The coil can be programmed to play a variety of melodies and songs with the option to be connected to a number of instruments.

The Musical Tesla is an impressive ...

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