Pyrotechnic Special Effects

Pyrotechnics is a blanket term for a huge range of special effect props. Indoor gas flame effects, walls of coloured stars, waterfall effects, six metre LPG flames, coloured flames. If you need to create visual drama and stunning scenes, pyrotechnic special effects are often the answer.

We love using our ingenuity, experience and pyrotechnic props to create a pyrotechnic backdrop or centre piece display for an event or concert. All you need to do is tell us the visual you need to create and the budget you’ve got to achieve it in and we’ll put our thinking caps on until we come up with something spectacular. And whether it’s for a single performance or a 300-night tour, we’ve got the team who’ll nail it.

Pyrotechnic special effects also play a vital part in TV and film production, creating sparks, flashes, bangs and effects for any type of visual production.

Get in touch if you think our pyrotechnic special effects expertise could give your event what it needs.

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