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Read All About It! Gunge, CO2 and Confetti Special Effects

Recently, the MTFX team created a range of bespoke gunge effects, as well as supply and operation of CO2 Jets and Confetti Special Effects for a live event.

Gunge Balloons

Testing some gunge balloons on Mark & Paula’s son

We spent a lot of time working very closely with our clients to create an array of powerful pumps, bespoke props, hoses and sprayers to blast a large audience with gallons of our own made to brief, glorious fluorescent green gunge!

Gunge Microphone  Gunge Microphone

Left: Jake getting drenched in the test field with our ingenious microphone prop
Right: Mycah Rocking out with our prototype guitar!

As well as this, the team operated our Ingenious CO2 Jets, and Confetti Blowers to wow the crowd throughout a range of performances!

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