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Visual Merchandising

MTFX's snow special effects range has everything you need to give your Christmas displays the crispness of a winter setting or the sparkle of a frosty winter's morning. Perfect for your Christmas grotto, snow shop and more.

Retail & Restaurant Displays

A strong visual display is vital during the Christmas period. Our tailored fittings make it easy for you to achieve a personalised snow themed display. Our expertise combined with our huge variety of stock and equipment allows us to deliver a captivating winter display to your requirements. You decide what you want and we’ll do the rest.

Retail & Restaurant Displays photo
Snow Flocking photo

Snow Flocking

Snow Flocking is a Biodegradable, paper based method of creating a realistic snow scene for indoor or outdoor use.
Flocking can be used on a number of objects with it most commonly used to dress Christmas Trees. The paper flock creates a strong bond with the chosen object ensuring a long durable effect, even more so when used in an indoor environment.
A similar effect for decorating Christmas trees can be achieved with our Snow Waxing machine.

Artificial Falling Snow

Falling snow machines are a quick and easy way to produce a stunning, instant snow effect.
machines can be loaded with a variety of products including foam, plastic & paper snow and are available for dry hire or as installations to create a beautiful slow falling snow effect.
For window displays we recommend our Snow Shaker machine. Easy to hang up and boasting several hours of falling snow from a full load.

Artificial Falling Snow photo

Build Your Own

Our shop is packed full of ingenious snow effects for you to design and build your very own snow display.

Fantasy Ice Flakes image
Fantasy Ice Flakes
Snowsoft Sparkle image
Snowsoft Sparkle
Ice Cubes image
Ice Cubes
Fantasy Ice Sparkle image
Fantasy Ice Sparkle
Ice Sparkle image
Ice Sparkle
Wax image
Ice Crystal Spray image
Ice Crystal Spray
Snow Blanket image
Snow Blanket
XL Ice Rocks image
XL Ice Rocks
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Contact the MTFX team to discuss your visual merchandising fake snow effects needs.

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It’s not always about deep, heavy snowfall when it comes to producing snow effects for TV productions and video/photo shoots. Effects can vary from brief to brief. We’ve created snow storm like conditions where wind equipment is brought in to the equation. We’ve produced Calm “after the storm” scenes with the use of snow candles and snow banks to create a windswept look. Just as commonly, clients require the need for a light snow or frosting effect. This is especially fitting for the United Kingdom, where realistically, we don’t see a lot of real snow.

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