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TV and Film fake snow special effects

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Our fake snow special effects are used throughout the industry. From large scale artificial snow scenes to detailed close up snow special effects, we deliver the artificial snow expertise that’s needed.

Our special effects cover everything from laid snow to falling snow plus all the little extras that are needed to create artificial snow scenes that looks just like the real thing.

To discuss the snow scene you need to create, get in touch.

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Contact the MTFX team to discuss your TV and Film fake snow special effects needs.

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Dry Ice Curtain

Dry Ice, when combined with heated water creates a stunning, atmospheric low smoke effect. Most commonly used for musical performances and theatre/TV & film Productions, the smoke effect creates a moody effect that thanks to the weight of the Co2 makes the smoke hover around the floor.

The weight of the smoke comes in handy for a recent test of ours. The Dry ice curtain sees the dry ice pumped through a raised feature. The weight then forces it down slowly creating a curtain of falling smoke.

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